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Three Wide – Week 3: College Football is Still Stupid

Two weeks ago, I started my writing career by stating that college football was stupid. Little did I know that last week when I wrote that Maryland’s offense was on fire and that Kansas couldn’t find the end zone without a map, my hypothesis about college football’s stupidity would prove to be true.

Maryland couldn’t get 200 yards of offense against traditional “powerhouse” Temple. In the process, they managed to shoot themselves in the collective ding dong with the least believable fake field goal in history.

And Kansas…well, they found that end zone. Six times. As 20 point underdogs, they demolished Boston College in Boston for their first road win in 48 tries against Power 5 conference opponents.

So what’s our mantra? “This sport is dumb as hell.” Here’s Week 3:

Jalen Hurts has more touchdowns than incompletions through 3 games

  • Week 1 – 3 Touchdown Passes, 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 3 Incompletions
  • Week 2 – 3 Touchdown Passes, 4 Incompletions
  • Week 3 – 3 Touchdown Passes, 1 Rushing Touchdown, 5 Incompletions
    Total Touchdowns: 13, Total Incompletions: 12

Baker, Kyler… and now Jalen. Oklahoma head coach and possible Jedi Master Lincoln Riley certainly knows how to get the best out of his young signal callers. Now, admittedly, the Sooners haven’t faced the stiffest competition, but even against air, only 12 incompletions on 61 passes is solid. In Down Field Stats’ own metrics, Hurts is far and away the leader for the Heisman, and it’s easy to see why.

The Citadel beat Georgia Tech with only one pass completion.

“There are only three things that happen when you pass, and two of ‘em are bad.” — Wayne Woodrow Hayes, Legendary Ohio State Head Coach

Speaking of incompletions, The Citadel only had three on Saturday. Doesn’t matter much, as they apparently only needed one catch.

Now the Bulldogs run the option, so they aren’t going to throw the ball much. But still, most college football wins require some level of passing competency (except for this one). And yet, here comes The Citadel…beating the rebuilding Ramblin’ Wreck with ONE pass completion.

Eight different backs had carries as the cadets racked up a massive 320 yards on the ground. Georgia Tech’s rebuild under new head coach Geoff Collins took a big hit, but maybe this one was partially expected. Recall that last year, the Citadel had Alabama tied at halftime.

Troy’s quarterback throws for 500+ yards, 4 touchdowns, and lost

If you want some passing offense with your college football, Troy and Southern Miss are here to oblige you.

I would assume that if you told every college football fan their team’s quarterback would throw for 500+ yards and 4 touchdowns, those fans would assume their team won the game. And normally, that would be the case.

Enter Kaleb Barker. The Troy QB had himself a game. And it didn’t matter.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Barker’s Trojans trailed the Golden Eagles by 12. In the fourth quarter alone, Barker chucked two touchdown passes (both to receiver Khalil McClain), and was helped out by a kick return TD from return man Reggie Todd. None of that mattered. At the end of the day, the Trojans couldn’t get a stop and Barker had one of the better losing efforts in recent memory, as Troy fell to Southern Miss, 47-42.

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