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EQBS Week 2: Burrow Rising

Through Week 2, there’s not much movement at the top of the EQBS rankings. Not sure what EQBS is? Read my article on how the Down Field Stats team developed this metric to predict this year’s Heisman winner. 

Jalen Hurts remains on top with an EQBS of 2.9,  maintaining the sizable gap between himself and Anthony Gordon.

As we get into conference play, I expect there to be some significant shake-up to the EQBS rankings. Teams will begin to play tougher competition, potentially bringing players like Anthony Gordon and Elijiah Sindelar back down to earth. Of the top 10 quarterbacks through Week 2, only two have played a Top 25 school – LSU and Texas – and they played each other. Only a handful of these quarterbacks have even played a Power 5 school at this point:

  • Burrow: Texas (Week 2)
  • Tagovailoa: Duke (Week 1)
  • Sindelar: Vanderbilt (Week 2)
  • Ehlinger: LSU (Week 2)
  • Sanders: Oregon State (Week 1)

This makes Joe Burrow’s rise in Week 2 even more impressive. If he continues breaking records against top opponents, he is a real threat to challenge Jalen Hurts for the Heisman.

Welcome to the Top 10

Sean Clifford, Penn State

Last Week: 32.8 (#20)
This Week: 16.2 (#8)

Clifford rose 12 spots in the EQBS ranking, debuting in the top 10 at #8. This was after a near-perfect outing against Buffalo where Clifford threw 4 touchdowns, completed 73% of his passes and ended with a passer rating of 239.3. Time will tell if Clifford can keep this up against better competition. Starting in Week 4, four of Penn State’s next five opponents are Top 25 teams: Maryland (21), Iowa (19), Michigan (10) and Michigan State (18)

Spencer Sanders, Oklahoma State

Last Week: 23.9 (#11)
This Week: 17.8 (#10)

Sanders edges himself into the top 10 after Week 2, moving up one spot to #10. The redshirt freshman has had an impressive debut season so far, totaling six passing touchdowns and ranking 5th overall in passer rating. Expect Sanders to maintain his position through Week 3 versus Tulsa, before heading to Texas in week 4. 

Happy Trails

Jacob Eason, Washington

Last Week: 18.9 (#7)
This Week: 51.3 (#36)

Washington and Jacob Eason didn’t have an answer for Cal in Week 2. Washington fell 20-19, largely due to the poor play from Eason, who threw for only 162 yards, no touchdowns and 1 interception. This performance caused Eason to freefall in the EQBS standings to #36.  Eason did have a 42 yard punt, but unfortunately, that does not factor into EQBS.

Khalil Tate, Arizona

Last Week: 21.9 (#9)
This Week: 24.5 (#11)

Tate didn’t slip from the top 10 because he had a terrible outing against Northern Arizona in week 2. He played fine, but it was far from his Week 1 performance where he totaled 469 yards of offense. 

Biggest Risers

Justin Herbert, Oregon

Last Week: 80.2 (#50)
This Week: 34.3 (#19)

Herbert got better in Week 2, rising 31 spots in the EQBS ranking to #19. This was due to a 5 touchdown performance versus Nevada, after struggling Week 1 versus Auburn. There are many who think Herbert is one of the best QBs in the country and could be a top pick in next years draft, but he will need more weeks like this one to be in the Heisman conversation. 

Adrian Martinez, Nebraska

Last Week: 82.3 (#52)
This Week: 43.3 (#29)

After scoring no touchdowns in Week 1 against South Alabama, Martinez exploded with a 4 touchdowns performance in a loss to Colorado. This allowed him to significantly improve his EQBS, moving up to #29 overall. 

Biggest Fallers

Matt McKay, NC State

Last Week: 32.6 (#19)
This Week: 49.6 (#33)

McKay had a good showing in Week 1, scoring 3 total touchdowns against East Carolina. He followed this up by just scoring 1 touchdown against Western Carolina. This performance caused him to fall to #33 after Week 2. 

Kellen Mond, Texas A&M

Last Week: 32.8 (#21)
This Week: 59.6 (#39)

Kellen Mond ran into the brick wall that is the Clemson defense in Week 2, scoring just 1 touchdown. Unfortunately for Mond, the schedule doesn’t get much easier, having to face both Auburn (8) and Alabama (2) over the next month. 

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